Mobile Phones

Do you remember the day when you first used a mobile phone? I do. At that time it seemed to be something special, but at present it is an ordinary thing we do not pay much attention to. Smartphones started a new era in communication. The abundance of functions in these devices makes them more and more popular, especially with the younger generation. I am happy that I didn’t have a smartphone in my childhood, because it could have influenced me in a negative way.
Mobile phones were invented for communication only, while smartphones serve as timekillers. I believe that smartphones must not be used by children under 15, because they distract them from real life and studies. Besides small screens with tiny fonts hurt eyes, but nobody seems to be worried about that. I know only a few parents who forbid their children to use such devices and buy them simpler ones, which are meant just for talking.
Mobile phones are thought to be dangerous because of the electromagnetic field they produce, which may have impact on the organs of human body. Some people advise not to keep a mobile phone close to the skin, it is much better to carry it in a bag and put it farther from yourself at night, when you go to sleep. Talking long hours on mobile phone may be harmful, too. Its electromagnetic waves are believed to heat up the brain.
On the one hand a cellphone is a great means of communication – we can find anyone who has it anywhere at any time. But on the other hand what we lack today is real communication. This makes us lazy – it is much easier just to dial a number than to raise from an armchair and go to see someone. In my humble opinion even video calls can’t substitute for real conversation.
Mobile phone manufacturers make substantial profit from their goods: these are not only cellular phones themselves, but also accessories for them. Model ranges change nearly every day, so people buy more and more new ones instead of older gadgets.
As for me, I have both a smartphone and a simple phone with a keypad. The main characteristic for me is the battery: the bigger capacity it has, the more I like the device. I can’t say that I am hooked on some services or applications or surf the Internet all day long. Of course, it is convenient to read the news right on the screen of a mobile phone or get e-mails without switching on the laptop. But to tell the truth
the world without mobile phones was better than it is now. There is too much of technology today.

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