How many times have you been to the zoo? Do you like circus animals?
I don’t like such things.
The planet today is not suitable for living. We don’t speak about people only, but about animals too. There are so many extinct species, that no one would ever think, that it may have been possible to kill them all. But it’s the reality that we have faced.
Animals should live in their natural habitat; they are capable of maintaining the organic balance, forming food chains and symbiotic relationships. People shouldn’t break up such processes, since they are beyond our understanding at the present time.
Any human interference may be fatal for a particular biogeocenosis. We know a lot of examples, illustrating it.
Rabbits were introduced to Australia in the 18th century and became widespread after a population outbreak in 1859. They brought considerable damage to the agriculture (and consequently to the economy) of Australia.
And on the other hand, if people kill some species, they may experience further unexpected problems.
If you like animals, than why not go on a safari to watch them in their natural surroundings? The British have a popular outdoor activity, which people in Russia don’t understand at all. It’s called ‘bird-watching’, when you take you binoculars, go to a park or to a forest and simply watch birds. It brings people aesthetic pleasure.
Of course, some consumption of natural products is implied. It has been reasonable for centuries. Nature tells the man not to take more than one needs. If we take wild animals as an example, they kill other animals in quantities necessary for their existence. No excess is implied. But people want to take more and more.
Nature has renewable resources. If there were no poaching, everything would be fine: fish supplies in the lakes, rivers
and seas would have never been exhausted. There would be enough fur and feather. People must not just take more than they need.
Be careful and attentive to the world you live in, to the world in all of its manifestations, and it will repay all your effort.

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