Language and Travelling

Have you ever been abroad? It’s a typical question that we use when we study the Present Perfect. But it’s an important question. If we speak about summer holidays, people mostly go to the South. And they will say a few words about their trip to Egypt or to Turkey. There are quite a lot of popular resorts with so many Russian people there, that the personnel can speak and understand Russian. Even if you want you won’t have an opportunity to practice your language. That’s why we can’t say that such places should be included in the notion ‘abroad’.
It’s really interesting to go somewhere on your own. If you are simply a tourist in a group, you will not need your language skills mostly, everything is predestined. You just come to some place, see something there, then they take you to another place and that’s all. You’ll understand only, why you are learning or have already learnt English, for example, when you have arrived in a country and faced the problem of communication there. Just start speaking, it’s easy!
I know some people, who travel, being unable to speak any foreign language. You shouldn’t be afraid. All the European countries are worth seeing. As for exotic ones, situated in Africa or South America, it’s up to you to decide, whether you need them or not. Travelling always implies your cultural awareness – you should know the traditions, customs, gestures and a lot of other things, connected with communication in the place you are going to. Professional travellers are unique people – they can tell you a lot about their personal experience and the situations they have got into.
Travelling is an expensive hobby. Today you can come across a lot of articles instructing you how to go hitch-hiking. It’s the cheapest way to travel and to see the world. It may be dangerous, though. It can be interesting to hitchhike within one big country, like Russia or America. It’s possible in Europe too. And it may be good language practice for you. The fastest way to travel is going to your destination by plane. It’ll take you only a few hours to get to the place. However, there may be non-stop flights, which last up to 11 hours.
We live in the biggest country of the world, crossing nine time-zones. And people are crazy about going abroad. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to see the beauty of our home country before going abroad? Or at least it would be ok to combine it: this year you are going to Lake Baikal and next year you’ll go to Spain or Italy. That would be fair at least.
I think it sensible to go to one country at one time. There are a lot of tours, offering you a wide range of places during a one-week-trip. And you are not likely to have enough time to get acquainted with the places. Choose one country and go there for a week, be a part of it. Practice your language. And you will be happy to carry the reminiscences through your whole life.
Travelling is good, isn’t it?

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