The word ‘phobia’ comes from Greek (‘φόβος’ — ‘phobos’ — ‘fear’). Quite a lot (or even the majority) of people have phobias in a certain degree. Some of them even do not know that they have phobias, but in some particular situations. There is an opinion that the problem of subconscious fears lies somewhere deep in people’s memory. One may have seen or heard something in the childhood and it resulted in a phobia some time later. I am absolutely sure that there are effective ways to cope with phobias of all kinds.
Here are the most common irrational fears people have.
Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and other insects. Sometimes people confuse this phobia with simple disgust. Nevertheless, I know for sure that most of my friends and acquaintances really find insects repulsive. As for me, I cannot say that I am absolutely indifferent to spiders. The size of them is important: the bigger the one is the more disgusting I find it. As for other insects, I do not like wasps. But grasshoppers seem to be quite nice.
Acrophobia is the fear of height. It does not seem to be a phobia at all, as I think it is a protective mechanism of our body. It is simply more or less developed in different people. Though there are freaks who test their abilities and hang at the height of 150 meters above the ground holding on to some rail with one hand. It is stupidity and not the absence of acrophobia.
Nyctohylophobia is the fear of the dark. It is typical of little children, though many adults, especially women have it and cannot cope with it, leaving the lights switched
on during the whole night. It seems strange to many people but this really prevents one from living a normal life.
Claustrophobia is connected with confined spaces. I know some people who suffer from it. It seems possible, that this fear is inborn, one may acquire it with the time. That is why there exist special tests for people who are going to spend a long period of time on board a spaceship or a submarine or somewhere else. As for me, I find claustrophobia a strange thing.
Agoraphobia is opposite to the previous one. It is the fear of open or crowded spaces. Quite a lot of people do not like any interference into their biofield, the limited space around. I think it is quite natural to feel uncomfortable when you are in a crowd. Though, maybe there are people who like being a part of the crowd.
Summing up, I can say that there are thousands of phobias with exotic names, derived from Greek or Latin words. Actually one can be afraid of anything that exists in material world and even of notions and words. After all, phobias are something that makes people’s life miserable. If they don’t fight fears, they foster them, and the phobias will get even deeper with the time.

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