When I remember what my city looked like ten or fifteen years ago, the first thing that occurs to me is the lesser number of cars. Now you come up to the doorway (if you live in a block of flats) and see a car standing right in your way. Vehicles are parked on the grass. They are everywhere – moving and roaring and producing exhaust fumes.
I do not understand people who drive to the supermarket which is five minutes’ walk from their place. Is it really necessary to start the engine and pollute the air with gases? To tell the truth I do not believe that all the people in the cars which I see right now out of my window are using them reasonably. I mean this very moment. Maybe 50 per cent or even more could just take a stroll or use a trolley-bus or a bus. It is not prestigious, though. Okay it is really more prestigious to get stuck in a traffic jam and complain about it.
I am an owner of the car, too, that is why I know for sure what I am talking about. I never use car without necessity. I like to walk slowly along the streets, when it doesn’t rain heavily. It hurts me, when I start the engine and fell it pump out exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. At such moments I know that I add to the global warming and think of people who will live after us.
The second thing I get indignant at is a great diversity within model ranges of all the automobile manufacturers. I do not understand why on earth there should be so many variations. Who knows how many spare parts are being produced in a second on the planet? What is it for? I believe it is only for the sake of somebody’s ambitions. Those who want to be rich don’t care much about the future of the planet. I imagine the stores and warehouses where all these components are kept. And what part of them will never be used and sold out? It would be more logical to have a limited number of up-to-date automobile models with interchangeable spare parts all around the world. It would help save nature and natural resources. Of course, some types of cars would be outdated and they could be recycled. But it is money that matters.
I am not sure if we can speak about the future of automobile industry at all. The growing consumption of fuel in the world has already lead and will lead to even graver damage to the ecology of our planet. There is no fresh air in big cities today, and people still willingly buy new vehicles. It is really a paradox… People are killing themselves being aware of it.

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