Time to Change Your Life

The world around is so big and wonderful. I don’t know how many people live simply to work and work to live, turning their life into mere existence. Some time ago, I am not sure when exactly I felt a strong desire to explore the world we live in. No, I do not mean the whole planet, I do not mean travelling all year round. It may be even a small part of our country. What I mean is the idea that everyone comes to this world with a purpose, which gets lost in the gloom of daily routine when we grow up.
Many people realize at some age that the time to change the life has come. Everyone should decide on his own how it is possible to fulfil this task. The most popular way is taking up something new. You may start to learn painting or playing a musical instrument. You may find a new job, something that you have never tried before. There is a firm conviction in people’s heads that if you have some definite education, you should work in this field for the rest of your life. Why not try something new? Can it be so, that when you entered a university or college, you made a wrong choice? It seems to be quite possible. I know a few people who changed their lives completely and they have never regretted it yet.
Every minute of our life is priceless, and at the same time it is sold at a definite price, which is easily calculated by dividing the salary by thirty and then by twenty-four and finally by sixty. So simple? It is not worth while breaking the rules generally accepted in the society, but in order to make life interesting we can add something important to it, which you may do after work or after classes.
The objective reality today simplifies human life, reducing its value. A human being becomes a clockwork which is meant for earning money and spending it on useless things. Think about the things that surround you: do you control them or do they control you? It is really an important aspect in changing your life, too. Is there anything that prevents you from living happily? It may be a gadget or a car or what not. Are they worth spending life on? But you will never regret if you spend more time on people and with people, not with the things.
I believe it is possible to formulate the idea like this: many people live just on the surface, but if one takes pains to fly a bit higher up, he will definitely see, that there is much interesting in this world, and life shouldn’t be taken as physical existence only. And I am absolutely sure that it is never too late to change something in your life. One should only have a wish to do it.

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