Where are we going?

Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am’ – these words belong to René Descartes. We are born to think. Though the present consumer society imposes different views on people. ‘Just buy, live to buy. Buy as much as you can and even more!’ – this is the motto of our life today. And if you don’t want to buy? If you are born to think and create, to reach your own goals, what comes next?
If you come to think about the past, the present and the future, you’ll easily find great differences: people used
to have time for living, for thinking, for reading and for real communication. Now all this is being substituted for false ideals and false things: the Internet has replaced all kinds of communication. It has also fulfilled the task to keep human knowledge within itself, so that people don’t need to use their memory any more. Silly online gaming has established itself in the collective reason of the gamers’ community. Where are we going?
Try to remember yourself ten years ago. Could you think of the devices we are using now at that time? Probably not. The majority will argue that the technical progress is the greatest virtue one can have. Isn’t this virtue too virtual? The things that surround us are meant to save our time. Save for what? Right – they save time so that we would be able to use even more technical appliances.
Life has become too material. The common denominator for everything is personal comfort. There’s no room for immaterial things.
The senior generation will say that their life was and is still interesting. Material things didn’t use to be as important as they are now.
What will happen if there is no Internet, no mobile communication, no e-mail, no nothing tomorrow? Have you ever thought about it? Some people may even go crazy. And there will be few, who will be indifferent to it.
Life is much wider and much more complicated. Try to find time for your relatives and friends, for you hobbies, not for your computer. Social networks are killing human communication. Keep it all in mind, when you switch on your computer next time. Be yourself and think. Only thinking people don’t merely exist – they live.

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