Online Shopping

I do not remember exactly what I first bought online. Wait… It was a book on programming which I found only on the Internet and which was not available in ordinary bookstores. I needed it so much that I purchased it without any hesitation. It was really unusual in those days. I didn’t pay for it at once, so I did it a bit later at the post-office. Such method of payment is called ‘cash on delivery’. Today everything has become even simpler – you may easily use your credit card to transfer money in a couple of clicks.
I don’t do the shopping online very often. Before I buy something I study the reviews for this or that item, which has been already bought by someone else. If I am fully satisfied I order it and wait for the day when I can collect it from the post office.
I usually order electronic devices and books on the Internet. It is very convenient, because it saves my time. Besides to buy something online may be cheaper than in an ordinary shop, especially if we speak about direct shipping from China. I am sure everyone knows what Aliexpress is.
The problem of online shopping is that you can never be sure of the quality of the goods you get – you don’t see them in reality, only in a picture. As for the Chinese online-shops, their photos often don’t correspond with the description, and you may get something different in reality. But if the price is low, it will not lead to great disappointment.
I never order expensive goods on the Internet. The first and main reason for it is the absence of warranty in its traditional understanding. If you buy something from an ordinary retail store, you can come back later and request a refund or solve any other problems if you are not satisfied with the quality of what you have bought. It is not so easy with an online-shop. It will take a longer time and nobody knows what will come out of it.
If we speak about Russia, I think that online shopping became popular not so long ago. It started somewhere in 2004, though Internet was not so widespread in those days. Today people find it a convenient way to buy goods of different kinds. It has become possible due to the development of online banking.

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