I belong to the group of people who do not like shopping at all. When I try to remember whether I found it interesting a few years ago, I cannot find a definite answer. Some time ago I used to buy things I didn’t really need, especially different gadgets and appliances. Now I realize that it is better to invest money in something that acquires additional value with the time, for example, books.
I suppose that everyone has to go shopping a few times a year, whether he likes it or not. The same may be said about me: I do the shopping before New Year or the birthdays of my family members and friends. I am not able to find anything interesting in the process, all the shops and supermarkets
look the same. The assortment is the same, too. Quite a lot of my friends like shopping for clothes and digital electronics and they are ready to waste their time on it. I am not.
I don’t like to spend long hours in shopping centres: there is so much fuss and advertisement there that I always try to leave the places as soon as possible.
As far as I understand, the word ‘shopping’ implies that one buys several things at the same time. Isn’t it a waste of money? You can buy several items under the influence of external factors and then come home and find out that you don’t need what you have just purchased. I know some people who are ‘shopping freaks’ – it means that they clutter their homes up with clothing and other things. Sooner or later they have to throw out the old things that are actually new and unused. I believe that shopping as a phenomenon is imposed on us by the present-day consumer society.
I cannot say that I hate shopping. I simply do not like it. There is such a notion as ‘window shopping’, and sometimes I do it. It means walking in front of stores and looking at the products displayed in the windows without buying anything. I like to examine books and watches in the shops just because there is some aesthetics in these objects for me. Though I understand that shop-assistants do not like window-shoppers.
Why is shopping not so interesting after all, even if we speak about presents? Just because everyone has so many things today that it is really hard to choose something worthy of attention. That is why shopping for me personally is always a challenge, which I try to avoid.
The only kind of shopping I like is going to art stores, as I am fond of painting and it is my hobby. I cans spend a lot of time choosing new brushes or paints for my future work. This is really breathtaking.

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