We often say ‘A healthy spirit is in a healthy body’. It’s so simple but nonetheless so concise and so obvious. Sport is an important part of healthy life. The human body was not originally designed for sitting in a stuffy office. A human being was created for some physical activities, and people didn’t seem to be interested in professional sport for some time, since they didn’t need extra physical activities, as they had to work a lot.
Today sport is a phenomenon which is synonymic to ‘professional sport’. If you go to the gym or play volleyball or do something else and you don’t take part in competitions, it generally means that you do something related to fitness…
For me table tennis is the most interesting kind of sport. It develops reaction, endurance and speed. I can do it twice a week or sometimes even more often, for example on holidays. I have been playing table tennis for seven years, but I have never taken part in any competitions. I first took a racket in my hands when I was 12, but then I didn’t play
much and began to play tennis later. I do it for myself and for my personal interest. I have a few acquaintances who think the same way.
Chinese players are the best players in the world. It’s the speed that lets them win the prizes. I often watch tennis matches on TV, as I have a special sports channel thanks to my cable TV.
Many people believe that sport is not connected with thinking. It’s silly to think so, because you have to foresee the next step of your opponent, or even several ones. There must be a strategy in your game. If you don’t develop this ability, you’ll never beat a strong rival. It’s not an exaggeration, but I don’t see much difference between tennis and chess in some regard. Playing chess you can think longer, while playing tennis involves your physical abilities and skills. And then you have a unity of movement and strategy and quick thinking, and this is the most exciting thing about the game.
Sport and bad habits are absolutely incompatible. I don’t understand people who combine smoking and skiing for example. My opinion of taking some dope and anabolic steroids is the same. If you are a professional sportsman, it’s not fair to your rivals. But modern dope testing minimizes such cases in an effective way.
If you don’t go in for sports, try to take up something. It will be a new experience; it’ll bring new emotions into your soul. If you do some sports, never give it up.

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