Why do we learn English? Почему мы учим английский? (7-9 класс)

Why do we learn English? I think many people ask the same question. The English language comes from Great Britain, where 85 million people are its native speakers. The English language has a long history. Its wonderful success is closely connected with the time wehn Britain became a marine empire and had the most powerful navy in the world. A lot of colonies appeared at that time. That’s why 750 million people use English today and half of those speak it as their mother tongue.

It has become the language of the planet with its reachest vocabulary of 500 000 words. English is the main language of science, business and of sports. English is unique thanks to its ability to borrow words easily from other languages.

Thses are reasons why we learn English. English has a complicated system of tense forms and its pronuniciation and writing has French roots. That’s why some people, especially junior students have difficulties with it. To know English is one of the requirements of the present day.

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